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Early Intervention & Specialised Support

"Different, not less." Temple Grandin

One of the key areas of Early Intervention is to support cognitive (thinking), physical (fine/gross motor skills), behavioural and social/emotional (ability to form relationships and cope with emotions) development.

Our Team offers a range of solutions and strategies to help you understand and manage behaviours of concern. The Perfect Squiggle Concept works around all areas of developmental needs.

Seeing abilities, not just their disability and working with each individual child to live their best lives is our aim. We work with all families, inclusive of cultural backgrounds, values and beliefs.

Perfect Squiggle Concept supporting additional needs


Unlike yoga that is predominately practised by adults, our poses and postures are specially modified to suit the children, with the concept of mindfulness. Children themselves will be able to adjust and adapt according to their ability. Poses will be demonstrated in a step-by-step process (including visual aids) where children will feel comfortable. The children will be able to initiate and continue at their own pace. Certain yoga poses can create neurological changes that reduce anxiety or trauma based anxiety.


Mediation for children does not necessarily mean staying in a singular posture for periods of time. For example, meditation can be just focusing or concentrating on a word, thought, sensation, image or story. Research has shown that meditation improves attention and behaviour, this includes children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, sleep issues and behavioural problems.

Speech & Drama

While most children naturally learn how to take turns talking with their friends and staying on topic during classroom discussions, these skills do not come easily to children on the Autism Spectrum. Social and Communication Deficits are one of the main concerns of this condition. Drama lessons are a "particularly effective method to teach social skills because they force high functioning Autistic kids to face another person and respond." (The Atlantic, 2016) Using books, props, and role-playing game exercises, our trained teachers will model a safe and non-judgemental environment for children to emulate.


Art can be limitless; especially, in terms of the individuality of the child and ability, Art provides children uninterrupted avenues of self-expression and the healing power of creativity. For example, children with varying behaviour disorders can be guided to harness their creativeness through visual imagery, and tactile experiences which can be practised through therapeutic art sessions such as, patterning of natural materials (mandalas) and hands-on sensory-based experiences (play dough, clay or paint).


Our playgroup offers a variety of early learning experiences. It is a fantastic way for your child/children to learn about the world, make friends and develop social skills. Our safe space also gives, mums dads, grandparents & caregivers an opportunity to share ideas and experiences.
Our set up: we set the class up like they usually would in Kindy, this time giving you the chance to experience play with your child and rotate between activities without worrying about the mess!
So come and join us in a place where no one gets left behind!

When: Every Monday Except Public Holidays

Age group: 0 to 6 yrs

Time: 930am to 1130am
Price: $10 per family 

*first session is free 

**If you’re a first time pregnant mum your sessions are free!

School Holiday Program

Our holiday program is carefully carried out and planned for every child in mind. Using our Philosophy and the Perfect Squiggle method of Yoga, Art, Drama and Mediation, we promise that your child will have an amazing time with a total body, mind and soul recharge.

When: schedules come out near school holidays 

Age group: 4 to 15 yrs

Time: 1000am to 130pm (3.5hrs)

Price: $40 per class ($5 sibling discount)

One - on - One Classes

Our one- on- one session caters to your child’s individual needs. We provide support for early intervention and do interim support while you await diagnosis or therapy. 

We do not do any form of  diagnosis. However if your child has a special/additional need that you would like us to assist you with, do give us call and we will try to help you the best way we can.

**Please note that we are not funded by NDIS but will be able to provide an invoice for you to claim from your funding if you have one.

Price: $30 per hour Age group: 1 to 17 yrs

Baby Squiggle

Our baby squiggle classes will be filled with fun, age appropriate activities to enjoy. Each class has been designed to include each stage of development from toddler to 5 yrs, with interchanging themed lessons.

This class is for anyone who may not have the intent to send their child to a Kindy at this stage but would still like for their child to enjoy the social aspect of being in a classroom environment while fostering relationships with peers.Max group capacity – 8 children with 2 Educators

Age group: 12 months to 4 yrs

Days: Wednesday and/or Friday (school term only)

Time: 9am to 12pm (3hrs)


$30 – one off session (subject to availability) 

$240 – 1 day (10 sessions)

$480 – both Wednesday & Friday (20 sessions)

*As prices have factored in 2 free sessions, there will be no refund or rescheduling due to being absent 


We love meeting new people and building relationships with the community. 


  • Mother’s day  
  • Christmas in July 
  • Christmas party
  • New Year’s Party 
  • St Patrick’s Day


Please follow our fb or instagram page for more details on events 

Fearless Wings Book

Author: natashea george Illustrator: isabel Lozano

“Having to sleep in their own rooms for the first time gives Ava and Levi the shivers, but their parents take them on an unforgettable adventure that turns all that around.”

If you would like to purchase  an autographed copy of the book please contact us.

$18/ book (comes with a surprise gift)

If you have any questions with regards to any of the classes please read our FAQ page or call us for further information.

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