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Frequently asked questions


Not at the moment but we do have our after school program on some saturdays at Bardon

Playgroup – yes any age is welcome as you will be there with your child. Yes, even the littlest of babies.  

After school activity & Holiday program – All we require of your child is that he/she is able to work independently and does not need one on one supervision during the class.



Yes! they most definitely can. No experience needed. 

We are not therapist, however we provide interim therapy. This means while you wait for your child to be diagnosed or if you are waiting for your turn at a therapy session, your child can come to us and we will be happy to work with you in the mean time or as additional support. 

Unfortunately no. But if you are funded and supported by NDIS, we can issue an invoice, either to you or your provider for your claim.

Playgroup – Yes

All other classes –  Unless your child has a specific reason for you to stay in the class with them, we recommend that parents sit out to allow the children to experience the full nature of the class. 


  • manage anxiety
  • emotional/self regulation
  • boost self esteem
  • concentration 
  • body awareness and mindfulness 
  • discipline and reduces impulsivity
  • express and acknowledge their best self
  • confidence
  • language and communication skills 
  • nurture respectful  friendships 
  • expend creativity
  • fun / destress

*These are just some of the benefits that our programs provide

It is helpful for your child to attend the classes regularly so that they will be to reap the benefits that our classes can produce. The more consistent your child attends the class the better the results. 

we provide everything except:

  • snacks
  • water 
  • hat/ spare clothes (in case of messy or wet play)

If you are signed up for our class, we will provide you an email with all the essential details including what to bring. 

Please note that once you have booked a class with us it means that we have reserved a place in our class exclusively for your child. If you cancel in less than 24 hours before our class is scheduled to take place, there will not be a replacement class for you. 

To avoid this, please provide cancellation notice at least [24 hours] prior to the class.
You can cancel or reschedule an appointment/class by emailing us at, texting or calling 0422109457 or private message us on facebook @perfect squiggle

If we cancel due to covid restrictions/ lockdowns or any other reasons, we will inform you via email, phone and/or facebook and will provide you with information on the next class available. 

As every child’s need is different please contact us to speak to us so we can approach the situation with care and provide the best experience for your child. 

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